Transforming Production Through Closed Loop Manufacturing Digital Technology

By applying closed loop manufacturing - a connective, automotive, and data-driven approach to manufacturing - HPE is helping manufacturers transform the production process. Watch this brief clip to learn more.

Seagate Transforms Manufacturing with Deep Learning from Edge to Cloud

"We're able to put a project that's very complex together," says Seagate Technology's Bruce King, "and go through a proof of concept very quickly, because of the collaborative effort between our companies." Hear more.

The Big Data Analytics Pipeline: Edge to Core to Manufacturing

Harnessing big data has the potential to transform your business. Learn how to connect user data - from the intelligent edge to the core data center - to deliver manufacturing excellence.

What's Next in Auto Industry Transformation

In this rigorously researched white paper, HPE examines how multiple realms of the automotive industry - including autonomous car safety, ride sharing and the role of fossil fuels - are responding to digital transformation.

CenterPoint Energy: Equipped for Excellence

Based in Houston, Texas, CenterPoint Energy has been delivering energy solutions for over 140 years. Find out why they partnered with HPE to turn data into actionable information.

ABB and HPE: Partnering to Drive Industrial Digitalization

In a quest to revolutionize data center operations, Swiss-based ABB partnered with HPE. Learn what their VP of data center business says about driving efficiency across maintenance, energy consumption and capacity planning.

Smart Auto Manufacturing with Edgeline

IoT Edge Computing is poised to spur real-time, data-based business decisions. Find out how HPE's Edgeline can transform operations on your factory floor, add value and generate stronger business outcomes through data.

How Hybrid IT and IoT are Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

Tap into the key takeaways of a Forrester-commissioned survey and find out how manufacturers are adopting Hybrid IT and IoT-enabled services to engage with customers and cultivate excellence.

Deriving Optimal Performance

Hear from Peter Ahlström at ABB, on HPE's access to engineers who "collaborate with us on specifying the best server configuration to match our solution requirements and our customer's budget."

For Borsig, Innovation Begins with IT Infrastructure

Germany's 180-year-old Borsig Group provides customized solutions for manufacturers across oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical and power supply. Learn how HPE upgraded their IT infrastructure for continued success.

Penske Truck Leasing Pushes Ahead with Automated Workflows

Discover how real-time technology, automated workloads and a sound wireless infrastructure enable high maintenance and safety standards for Penske's technicians, no matter what road they're on.

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