Midsize Companies – Stop Going It Alone

Stay ahead of the competition by embracing technology that drives innovation, agility and efficiency. Break out of the middle, evolve and ascend to the top of your tech game.

The Numbers Are In, and They Don’t Lie

Add value to your business while keeping the performance and data protection advantages of on-prem IT. This blog post gives you the numbers behind the business value of IT consumption.

Pay-As-You-Go IT Just Got Easier

Get the right-sized tech solutions for your business – from virtualization to Everything-as-a-Service to amplified on-premises IT. This expert blog post tells you how.

Economic Impact of GreenLake Flex Capacity

IT is transforming fast, and you must be nimble to succeed. HPE’s solutions give you the IT you need for a positive bottom-line impact. This Forrester report explains the savings that await you.

Value and Opportunity of Flexible IT Services

Considering flexible IT, but aren’t sure it’s the right solution for your business? See why education, information and partnering with the right IT provider can open business opportunities and drive value.

Stay as Flexible as Your IT

Do you face tech resource and knowledge constraints? Learn about how other organizations have overcome their reservations about flexible IT. Start integrating the benefits of the cloud into your on-prem data center environment.

Where Storage Meets Speed

Keeping customers happy and online business humming is critical. Learn how online retailer YNAP took advantage of GreenLake to improve storage performance and capacity to handle seasonal, online needs for customer satisfaction.

CGI: Predict What's Possible

Advance backup services and increase storage flexibility, without increasing the price you pay. Hear how HPE’s experts guided CGI, and IT service provider, to achieve better overall business strategies, forecasting and customer demands.

High Performance in Higher Education

Performance and reliability are at the heart of GreenLake solutions. Read about how higher ed institutions are eliminating up-front costs, maximizing resources and empowering online reliability.

Grade "A" in Efficiency

Do you find that traditional IT is increasingly too rigid for your organizational needs? Explore how one university embraced agility, economy and efficiency to inspire education.

Free Up Imagination

Success often depends on improving, but that means being able to innovate, not micromanage. See how Porsche shifted from managing their own infrastructure to driving employee innovation and positive change.

Keep Ahead of Evolving Tech

Stop worrying about keeping up with fast-paced digital transformation. HPE can save you time and resources. Learn how one company reduced infrastructure costs by 30% and gained the confidence to pursue bigger deals.

Outdated Tech You Can't Afford

Refreshing your IT systems can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Read on to learn how IT service provider Kapsch is always equipped with the latest technology, and how you can get equipped, too.

Hybrid IT: Better Outcomes With Less Complexity

Relieve the pressure of constant competition. Watch this short clip to see how to save time and resources, get access to expertise, and deliver improved services.

One-Stop IT Management

See a demo of the HPE GreenLake Central dashboard. Access your apps and data, manage your environment, and retrieve real-time usage, costs and technical information.

Is Flexible IT Right for Your Business?

Eliminate financial guesswork. Watch a brief overview of how an as-a-service model can be more economical and agile. Never get charged for technology you don’t use.

Don't Pay for More Than You Need

Your business is growing rapidly. In this brief clip, see how you can stay competitive and evolve quickly with HPE GreenLake, and leave managing and maintaining IT to the pros.

Driving Outstanding Patient Care

Fortify your IT when security and privacy matter most. In this video, see how one healthcare system became a leader in electronic medical record (EMR) technology and flexible IT systems.

Save Money, Time, and Your Peace of Mind

In this short video, learn how HPE GreenLake solutions function to reduce upfront expenses and prevent time-consuming installations, while giving you state-of-the-art systems.

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