Keep Powerful IT Simple

Data. It’s at the heart of every smart organization and enhances operations. In this HPE solution overview, find out how intelligent HCI secures, stores, analyzes and helps you derive the most value out of your data.

Expand Your Network

Connections are an integral piece of any smart city puzzle. This whitepaper explains how HPE is laying the groundwork for cloud-native 5G IT infrastructure that will allow faster services at a lower cost.

Deliver What Constituents Expect

In a digital era, infrastructure isn’t enough. In this solutions overview, investigate how incorporating secure and agile Aruba network solutions sets you up to overcome potential implementation obstacles.

Keep Your City Cyber Secure

Put IT security front and center. Use our security solution brief to understand how holistic, “cradle to grave” IT protection is the only way to navigate and safeguard your fledgling digital domain.

Convert Data Into Action

Trust-based IoT devices can collect countless amounts of actionable data. In this detailed report, explore how Aruba is helping to implement and secure IoT – from traffic control and municipal lighting to monitoring air quality and beyond.

Sustain Smarter Interactions With Smart IT

Connected technology is at the core of a smart city. In this short video, see how HPE delivers the building blocks, flexibility and expertise to improve quality of life and create better city services

Focus on Your Priorities

Access modern computing services, lower costs and shorten project launch times with HPE GreenLake. Watch this short clip to see how IT experts implement and manage this scalable service, allowing you to concentrate on what’s most important.

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