Welcome to Common Unity. We’re here to help you guard your business from the core to the perimeter and beyond. Today’s IT systems are tasked with more functions than ever before – rendering them vulnerable to attacks.

Each day, nearly 1,300 hack attempts occur in the United States ( These evolving cyberthreats – viruses, data breaches, malware attacks and phishing – expose your company to lost data, time and money. Whether your IT is centered around hybrid cloud expansion, controlling IoT growth or managing an expanding remote workforce, it’s essential to incorporate security.

Let us help you strengthen your security posture. Hear from James Morrison, HPE’s veteran FBI authority on cybercrime. Equipped with industry knowledge, expert insights and a scalable ecosystem of security solutions, you’ll be ready to protect your organization at every turn.


Reduce the high cost of cybercrime by getting the advanced hardware and software that help to shield your business from disruption. From HPE’s Silicon Root of Trust and 24-hour runtime verification to Complete System Restore, get to know an arsenal of solutions that are grounded in business continuity and accelerated performance.

Start identifying threats, detecting breaches and recovering quickly. Go beyond the status quo with Common Unity.


Built-In, Not Bolted-On, Defense

“Criminals are always looking for a new place to root their malicious software.” – James Morrison, HPE

While you can’t eliminate all vulnerabilities, you can fortify your business with built-in protection. Scroll down to see how the FBI and companies like HPE are monitoring hackers and innovating to protect organizations like yours. Then, provide your IT teams with security solutions that help to minimize attacks.

80% of all cyber breaches occur in the supply chain, yet 72% of companies don't have full visibility into their supply chains. (

In 2018, the U.S. government directed NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) to develop modifications to their Reliability Standards, strengthening the mandatory reporting of cyber security incidents. (

Award-Winning Servers for Around-the-Clock Protection

Every 24 hours, 720 million hack attempts occur around the world ( Have you defended your servers? Learn why arming your business with industry-leading security yields 24/7 protection.

Safeguard your assets. Crafting a Comprehensive Approach to Cybersecurity, a white paper in our content library, tells you how.

Cybercrime Fighters Unite

In 2019, businesses in the U.S. lost more than $3.5 billion from cyberattacks ( In a world marked by cybercrime, organizations fall into two camps: those that are hacked and don’t know it, and those that do.

Stay vigilant. Visit our content library and watch how the FBI, Europol and HPE are tracking cybercriminals.


Monitor Systems Nonstop

“The FBI’s cybercrime rule No. 1 is that everyone’s a target.” – James Morrison, HPE

Scanning for cyberthreats is a full-time job. Arm your IT teams to spot – and stop – attackers in their tracks. See how you can gain constant visibility into your networks, respond when systems are compromised and minimize loss.

The World’s Most Secure Industry Standard Servers

In 2019, the FBI received more than 460,000 cybercrime reports. Build a server foundation that can withstand these threats. HPE’s distinct technology is built to conduct daily runtime firmware validation, detect compromised code or malware and alert IT teams to stop attacks.

Defend your business. Start by reading HPE Locks Down Server Security, an analyst report in our content library.

Comprehensive Security and Freedom for Users

Modern organizations are learning how to stay secure while implementing the flexibility and collaboration that enable remote work. Discover how one organization maintains security, visibility and control of over 45,000 devices with Aruba ClearPass software.

Find out how one healthcare insurance provider managed their IT security, and how you can, too. All this and more in our content library.


Reduce the Impact of Cyberattacks

“Cybercriminals want to get in your network and stay there.” – James Morrison, HPE

Security experts say that it isn’t “if” you’ll be attacked, it’s “when.” But, with the right security partner at your side, you can recover quickly, and with minimal downtime. Discover how HPE makes it simple to isolate and remove malware, restore safe infrastructure and reinstall operating systems, applications and data.

Weak Links in Public Sector Protection: In 2015, a high-profile intrusion into a single federal agency compromised the personnel records of over 4 million federal employees and impacted nearly 22 million people. (

Lessons on Surviving a Ransomware Attack

The top three crime types reported by victims in 2019 were phishing, non-payment and extortion ( However, long before your IT team identifies a breach, hackers have launched ransomware attacks, deleted backups, bricked servers and prevented data recovery.

Watch Lessons on Survivng a Ransomware Attack, a video in our content library, and learn how to stop playing security catch-up.

The Anatomy of an Attack

By the time you realize your organization has been hacked, cybercriminals have infiltrated your networks and gotten control of your most sensitive data. Understand how to get back to business fast.

Restore with confidence. Comprehensive Server Restoration, an analyst report in our content library, tells you how.



At Common Unity, we know that successfully securing your infrastructure, network and assets is vital to the health of your business. That’s why we’ve developed tools to help you monitor your IT – and recover quickly when you’re attacked.

Sign on and watch HPE’s James Morrison, a veteran FBI cybercrime expert, share his insights. Then, follow the three-part blueprint we designed to help you fortify your IT environment. It’s easy and packed with expert advice.

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